Visitor Management System


Allow business owner to enroll visitor as they enter and exit the premises. Enhanced with the latest web technologies (full web application that require Internet browser to operate). EP-VMS assist business owner to enhance the way you welcome your visitors by streamlining the process for visitor checking.

EP-VMS dynamic architecture fulll enterprise of any size to freely deploy the system as a standalone application, networked solution, single or multi tenant facility, or single or multiple facility company. EP-VMS have the extension room to be configured to integrate with Entrypass Platform1 Access Control System (Professional Edition and above) to ensure greater security and better visitor management and tracking purposes

EP-VMS provide business owner to start the visitor management process from the moment a visit is being planned either by the host or the visitor themselves. Host that are expecting a visit are allow to access the scheduling portal prior the visitor arrival to simplifying the registration process in the checking counter to prevent long wait time that degrade the visiting experience also at the same time lightens the workload of the reception staff dramatically.


Feature Highlight

Web based application

3 way authentication

Whitelist and blacklist

E-pass generation

Badge printing

QR Code

Pre-Scheduling for visit

E-mail/SMS Notification

Searchable visitor history

Self service kiosk

Returnable goods information

Visitor category listing

Emergency evacuation report

Biometric registration and verification

Web, android and desktop application

Operator dashboard for real-time visitor status

Automatic database backup to local or remote host

Host notification upon visitor overstay did not checkout

Visitor Reporting

Extensive visitor reporting for greater traceability

Visitor activities report to review visitor movement

Area presence task allows quick identification of current visitor locations

Visit details report to review visitor list, check-in and check-out dates, and current status

Advanced filtering options lets your staff retrieve detailed information and activities for any visitor

Key Benefits

Replace paper logs with a live application that offers greater traceability

Allows staff to pre-enrol visitors through a web app that requires no software installation

Track visitor movements throughout your facility and validate against live or recorded videor

Facilitate visual identification by assigning and printing badges or paper credentials to visitors

Intuitive visitor management that reduces the time required to register new and returning visitors

Visit Process and System Architecture


First Step

Automatic input by card reader or manually input by operator Store visitor information to VMS server database and check blacklist and history


Second Step

Get the access level from Platform1 server and grant the access level and card number to visitor card Send it to platform1 server and inform all operators


Check Out

Return their visitor card to operator Check out the visitor and remove the visitor rights from platform1 server


Kiosks For Each Industry

Kiosks are utilized across diverse industries such as healthcare, government, education, banking, travel, telecom, hospitality, retail for efficient service delivery.

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