Our Kiosk

Universities, Colleges, Public and Private Schools

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) is the mantra of the millennials. Exposure of such technology to the students of the current generation ensures guaranteed usage and satisfaction, if the solution is executed in the correct manner. Thus, Schools, colleges and universities can be home to some of the most advanced technology to enhance the user experience on the campus. Self-service technology is one of the most elegant and feasible DIY option available for public access in such locations.

Moreze’s kiosks can enable the students and visitors navigate the campus and surrounding areas, self-registration by the students, pay tuition fees, document management and access other information. Kiosks can also advertise programs of various events to be held on the campus.

Self-service forms a natural part of this drive, providing faster, more efficient, more cost-effective solutions for schools and universities, thus improving student access to IT and education services by themselves.

The potential for improving education through self-service is immense, offering students’ access to information providers such as the internet and facilitating time management, while providing a cost-effective means of transmitting information.

Apart from the students, these self-service kiosks can be of immense utility for the faculty and staff at the campus who may not have individual access to PCs. These kiosks can provide access to HR functions, time table management, marking attendance, etc.

Common functions

  • Application for admission and self-registration by the students at the campus.
  • Document scanning and printing for various class notes and books as “Printing stations”.
  • Multiple tuition fee payment facility through various digital platforms.
  • Declaration for lost/stolen ID cards and request for duplicate.
  • Incognito Grievances reporting by students or faculty.
  • Access to Faculty and staff to HR functions.
  • Wayfinding and Building directory
  • Secure Video conferencing

Common use cases

  • Reduce user wait time
  • Frees up manual staff involvement thereby reduces chances of human error
  • Promote education and public awareness
  • Inculcates and encourages the use of technology for various processes.
  • Improves customer experience

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in education industry include:

  • Student and Visitor Check-in Kiosks for registration for new admission or application.

  • Tuition and Bill payment Kiosks.

  • Student ID card printing kiosks for issuing new or duplicate ID cards.

  • Education terminals, allowing younger children to become more familiar with technology.

  • HR platforms access to faculty and staff on the campus who may not have PCs