Moreze’s Self-Service Kiosks
Moreze’s Self-Service Kiosks

We make things easier for the user – We believe that transformation empowered by innovation enhance the performance and capabilities

Moreze’s Kiosks are modular and customisable that can have everything you need to drive your organization’s processes efficiently and effectively. The Kiosks provide a seamless experience for user interactions while improving cost efficiency

Our Solutions
Hassle free user interaction

Optimize and automate operations for a striking user experience

  • Identification

    Identify with biometric data with Fingerprint, Facial recognition and IRIS

  • Scanner

    Touchpoint for users to scan QR codes & documents

  • Payment

    Integrate with multiple digital payment options including EMV payment terminals and digital cash wallets

  • Printing

    Multiple printers for Receipt printing as well as A4 size document printing

  • Information

    Provide information to the users on huge HD touchscreen monitor

  • Interactive UI

    Easy and interactive User Interface for smooth and trouble-free experience

  • Connectivity

    Multiple connectivity options including Cellular, WIFI and Ethernet

  • Attendance

    Equipped with multiple mechanisms for marking attendance with liveness detection

Why Moreze
Our experience

Successfully completed 10+ projects


Kiosks integrated


Kiosks managed

46 +


Why Moreze?

Our highly experienced team of designers and engineering professionals have a deep understanding of the self-service technology and how it is used.

Moreze is a unique, complete Kiosk solution company. We work closely to understand your business requirement and then recommend a complete solution designed to solve your business challenges.

Integrative function

API for Smooth integration with third-party apps and back-end systems

Management and Security

24*7 remote monitoring and assistance for Kiosk management


Complete hardware configuration catering to the needs of the organization

Intuitive Design

Simple UI for seamless experience with multiple service options

Why Moreze
Kiosk Management Software

Gives you the capability to do more. Improves the functionality and enhance the value of your interactive kiosk purchase with this robust software built for managing and getting the most value from your kiosks

Kiosk Administration

  • Modify kiosk content from anywhere
  • Kiosk stats and reporting
  • Manage 1 or 100 kiosks remotely
  • Component performance and maintenance alert status
  • Easy to use pre built screen templates
  • Add company branding and logos
  • Configure text or email alerts
  • No technical skill required

Security and utilities

Restrict web access
as desired

Run windows or web based

Energy savers and

Functionality Software

Print, scan and copy

VoIP calling

Scan credit cards, ids
or barcodes

Biometric identity

Advantages of Self-Service kiosks

We have what you need – whether industry specific or customised Kiosk

Every kiosk is built based on fine details under expert observation, combined with advance technologically that truly heighten the user experience. There are various benefit of futuristic self-service Kiosks in different industries like Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Entertainment, Retail, Personnel management, etc. Listed below are some of the compelling advantages that our self-service Kiosk offers

Advantages of Self-Service kiosks

Eliminates longer queues

Increases customer satisfaction

Provides all relevant information to customer

Avoid unnecessary chaos

Ensures quick ticketing and dispensing

Handles large multiple operations

Provides active interaction with user

Ensures Biometric secured access

Ensures Data Security

Reduces costs

Increased productivity

Instant customer Service

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Let’s join hands to create game-changing user experience with interactive Kiosks that will take your organization to the next level.

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