ODM Kiosk Development Services

ODM Kiosk Development Services: Expertise in Innovation & Off-the-Shelf Solutions

At Moreze, we take pride in offering exceptional ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for kiosk development. With a profound commitment to innovation and a rich portfolio of off-the-shelf solutions, we stand as a reliable partner in realizing your kiosk visions. Our comprehensive range of services covers every aspect of kiosk development, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and functionality. Discover the advantages of partnering with us:

Our Design Services

Our extensive design capabilities have been proven across a diverse range of vertical markets, culminating in an unparalleled reservoir of experience that our customers can readily leverage.

While most clients come to us with broad kiosk design ideas and preferences, there's no need for you to be well-versed in kiosk design intricacies. The Moreze professionals will collaborate closely with you to incorporate your unique kiosk elements into a design that impeccably addresses both your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Moreover, we take the initiative to propose components and features that align with your intended custom kiosk functionality and price range for hardware and associated support services. In essence, we simplify the process, ensuring that your company effortlessly achieves its custom goals. Partnering with Moreze means achieving kiosk design excellence without unnecessary complexities.

The distinctive allure of collaborating with Moreze for kiosk design stems from two fundamental factors:

Industry veteran team members leading the way

Our project development endeavors are steered by a team of exceptional professionals who bring their A-game to every aspect of the process. What sets us apart is that these remarkable talents are united under one roof, offering you a holistic and synchronized approach. Our solution teams encompass:

Remote Management and Field Support

Custom Enclosure and Software Design

Expert Integration and In-House Manufacturing

Advanced Program Management Throughout the Product Life Cycle

Agile & unconstrained solution design

We shatter the confines of the "One Size Fits All" approach, embracing a solution design methodology that is agile and adaptable. This enables us to tailor our designs precisely to your unique requirements, ensuring a kiosk that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Component Integration Service

At Moreze, we excel in accommodating transactions that demand intricate component integration, regardless of complexity.

Our market leadership in custom design is directly rooted in our proven ability to seamlessly incorporate a wide array of cutting-edge self-service component technologies, both for indoor and outdoor environments. We proudly stand as the manufacturer behind client solutions in multifunction financial services, airport security, and rental platforms, domains that often necessitate the integration of 15 to 20+ distinct peripherals.

In many cases, Moreze caters to clients seeking a creative design that is "somewhat custom," featuring a few unique accessories or components that are seamlessly and cost-effectively integrated into a standard-style kiosk.

Our integration prowess encompasses a diverse spectrum, including:

Extensive Biometric Components

This spans from advanced facial recognition and thermal sensing cameras to iris, fingerprint, and palm vein scanning technologies.

Document Scanning

We facilitate seamless scanning of passports, visas, driver's licenses, checks, and various other documents.

Printing Capabilities

We empower your kiosk with a variety of printing options, including receipt, ticket, card, laser, and photo printing.

Currency Handling

Our solutions encompass currency acceptors, dispensers, and recyclers for both cash and coin transactions.

Connectivity Options

We enable seamless connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, and RFID contactless technologies.

Kiosks For Each Industry

Kiosks are utilized across diverse industries such as healthcare, government, education, banking, travel, telecom, hospitality, retail for efficient service delivery.

Our Advantages

When you partner with us for ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) kiosk solutions, you're tapping into a realm of distinct advantages that set us apart as your preferred design and development collaborator. Our commitment to innovation, expertise, and seamless execution ensures that your kiosk project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Expertise in Innovation and Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Embedded Design Excellence

Custom System on Module (SOM) Solutions

Acceptance Testing & Validation

Enclosure Design Mastery

Product Certification Expertise

Production Ecosystem

Product Sustenance Support

Proven Record in Complex Hardware, Software, and FPGA Design

At Moreze, we blend innovation, expertise, and a customer-centric approach to deliver kiosk solutions that exceed expectations. Partner with us to transform your kiosk concepts into reality, backed by our comprehensive ODM services and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Why to choose us

We blend innovation, expertise, and a customer-centric approach to deliver kiosk solutions that exceed expectations. Partner with us to transform your kiosk concepts into reality, backed by our comprehensive ODM services and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Complete Customization Process

Rich Customization Experience

Multiple Technical Scheme

Suffiecient Production Line

Global Service Network

Professinal Team

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