Healthcare Kiosks for Improving the Overall Patient Experience

Posted on 14 October, 2023by Arjun Singh

Healthcare Kiosks

Improve the Patient Experience With Healthcare Kiosks

As the cold and flu season approaches once again, individuals of all age groups are finding themselves spending time in the offices of their medical providers.

Of course, the cold and flu season isn't the sole reason for patient visits. According to a report, the average person makes four visits to the doctor each year. That's a considerable number of trips to the reception desk, piles of paperwork to complete, and hours spent in waiting rooms.

Whether patients are seeking treatment for a persistent cold, dealing with the flu, or attending their annual wellness check-up, one thing is certain: patients, for the most part, desire a straightforward and hassle-free experience at their healthcare provider's office. Self-service healthcare kiosks are designed to address a variety of tasks, ranging from patient check-in to digital signage charging and electronic medical record (EMR) management. These kiosks can be implemented to ensure that both patients and their companions have a seamless and efficient experience.

Here's how healthcare kiosks can enhance the patient experience:

1. Simplify Patient Check-In

Patients often view the healthcare check-in process as cumbersome. It's associated with long lines, stacks of paperwork, and time-consuming procedures. Check-in kiosks are designed to improve efficiency during the initial phase of the appointment. They offer a secure platform for patients to check in, complete medical forms, and notify relevant parties—all from the same kiosk. Moreover, if a medical office deploys multiple kiosks, several patients can simultaneously complete the check-in process, eliminating long lines and wait times.

2. Offer Digital Signage Charging Kiosks

While self-service patient check-in kiosks expedite the check-in and waiting process, patients and their companions still spend some time in the waiting room. To make this wait more enjoyable, digital signage charging kiosks incorporate large-format screens to share relevant information and resources with patients. They also feature multiple charging cables, allowing patients and their family members to charge their phones, tablets, and other devices while in the waiting room or common areas.

3. Streamline EMR Management

Although patients have limited time with their healthcare providers, they often receive a wealth of information during their visit. To enhance this interaction, EMR management kiosks enable doctors and patients to securely update and share information in one easy-to-use and referenceable location. Consequently, EMR management kiosks alleviate the pressure on patients to remember every detail their doctor conveys and enable them to engage actively in the conversation during their appointment.

From the moment patients arrive and check in to the time they leave, including the time spent waiting, various self-service healthcare kiosks can be customized and implemented to enhance the overall patient experience.

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