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Student Self Service (SSS)

Student Self-Service (SSS) is being implemented in various colleges and university campuses addressing various needs of the students and the faculties. All new students can visit the DocEze for the fully validated and error-free data entry registration. All documents required for the registration purposes can be duly scanned and uploaded on the database thereby reducing the need to maintain physical records.

Citizen Self Service (CSS)

Government self-service kiosks enable government agencies and organizations at all levels to reach citizens and residents efficiently and boost the adoption of online services and govt. services in particular.

moreze can be deployed in various Govt. offices, Gram Panchayat offices, Post office, etc so the user can carry out multiple activities from one place. moreze can be deployed at semi-urban or rural locations where access to various services is not easily available.


Components Included

The hardware components of the Kiosk are thoughtfully integrated to provide a seamless user experience.

Rugged Touch Screen monitor

Document Scanner

Face Recognition Camera with Auto

Signature Pad

4-4-2 Fingerprint Scanner

Cash Acceptor

Single IRIS Scanner

Bar Code scanner

Automatic Sim Card Dispenser

Thermal Receipt Printer

Document Kiosk

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Document Kiosk

Kiosk Key Benefits

Provides quick document access, improving information retrieval and sharing in various settings, such as offices, libraries, and educational institutions.

Increased sales network coverage

24/7 Self-service operational capability

No more waiting in queues

Reduction in sta operational cost

Instant card dispensing within 2 minutes

hardware modular customization

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