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Intelligently Transforming Common Telecom Transactions

SIM Card Dispensing by Moreze Kiosk transforms SIM card purchases by boosting consumer convenience, user experience, and time savings.

With recent advancements, the telecom sector now allows users to instantaneously activate a new SIM, top up their cell balance, or change their mobile package plan without having to visit a telecom service centre.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk improves the user experience by offering a quick, easy-to-use, and automated self-service solution.

It eliminates the need for traditional franchises and customer support staff by supporting many languages and currencies.

Our product ensures increased customer happiness and loyalty, allowing telecom firms to cut operational costs while generating extra income opportunities.


Components Included

The hardware components of the Kiosk are thoughtfully integrated to provide a seamless user experience.

Rugged Touch Screen Monitor

Document Scanner

Face Recognition Camera with Auto

Signature Pad

4-4-2 Fingerprint Scanner

Cash Acceptor

Single IRIS Scanner

Bar Code Scanner

Automatic Sim Card Dispenser

Thermal Receipt Printer

SIM Card Vending Machine

Streamline Your Business Operations With
the Leading Kiosk Hardware Solutions Provider Moreze

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SIM Card Vending Machine

Kiosk Key Benefits

Simplifies SIM management, improving user experience and efficiency in telecom services with an intuitive interface and streamlined processes.

Increased sales network coverage

24/7 Self-service operational capability

No more waiting in queues

Reduction in sta operational cost

Instant card dispensing within 2 minutes

hardware modular customization

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