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Convenient Ordering Kiosks

Using OrderEze kiosks to provide a personalized experience, you can reduce wait times, free up staff time, and provide more of what customers want.

Our kiosks include a highly secure metal enclosure and heavy-duty design for rugged use, compact and flexible mounting design, waterproof enclosure, provide experience Self-order and pay in a restaurant.

Put the ordering process in the hands of the client with a self-service kiosk that communicates directly with the culinary team. High-quality hardware components and a compact design make self-order kiosks simple to incorporate into your current layout. Our state-of-the-art food and drink ordering kiosk is simply adaptable to the software your company uses or any other software available in the market. When ordering software integrates with elegantly designed kiosks makes self-ordering becomes effortless.


Self-service hospitality kiosk options include:

Fully customizable interface to match your brand and menu with unlimited flexibility

PC-based solution offering top of the line components and high-end fabricated enclosures

Managed services, remote monitoring, and rapid field support

Leverage existing POS software to seamlessly deliver orders to the kitchen

Our Self Ordering Kiosk is a sleek, space-saving design and includes the below-highlighted configuration:

Multi-touchscreen screen

Intel or Almlogic processor

Optional QR/Barcode scanner

3 Standard sizes - 21.5", 27" and 32"

Choice of wall or floor mounts

Choice of colors

Windows 10 operating system or Android 9 or above

Provision of Credit / Debit Card Reader for payment. Optional E-wallet / UPI payment integration

Components Included


Rugged Touch Screen monitor

Document Scanner

Signature Pad

4-4-2 Fingerprint Scanner

Cash Acceptor

Bar Code scanner

Automatic Sim Card Dispenser

Thermal Receipt Printer



To know about the kiosk in detail download brochure


Kiosk Key Benefits


Increased sales network coverage

24/7 Self-service operational capability

No more waiting in queues

Reduction in sta operational cost

Instant card dispensing within 2 minutes

hardware modular customization

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