Rail Ticket Machine - Raileze

For Efficient Crowd Management at Railway Stations

Moreze brings RailEze, a smart and interactive Biometric Token Machine to manage the passengers at railways stations ensuring crowd management with complete safety assurance for the Govt. As of 2018-19, the Indian railways had 13,523 passenger trains actively running in India with over 22,669 trains running daily transporting over 840 Crore passengers in 2018-19 becoming the world’s largest passenger carrier.

Not only does the Indian Railway offers low fares keeping in view affordability for the common man but also incurs losses under social obligations on account of concessions in passenger fares and pricing of fares below cost. A large number of these passengers comprise of the second class General category who travel without reservation on the said trains and also overboard the train than the capacity of seats installed. This is another huge loss reason for the Indian Railways.

With RailEze, the Indian Railways can ensure that only the passengers carrying a unique token for the said train can travel on the train limiting the number of passengers boarding the unreserved class to the number of seats installed. This helps in managing the mayhem caused by the indefinite number of passengers while boarding the train.

RailEze also ensures that the tokens are uniquely issued based on the STQC verified Fingerprint scanner. Biometrics/ allows a person to be identified and authenticated based on recognizable and verifiable data which is unique and specific. Also, very soon, checks could be performed against biometric data held by the Crime and Criminals Tracking Network System (CCTNS) to determine the criminal history of any passenger.


Components Included


Rugged Touch Screen monitor

Document Scanner

Face Recognition Camera with Auto

Signature Pad

4-4-2 Fingerprint Scanner

Cash Acceptor

Single IRIS Scanner

Bar Code scanner

Automatic Sim Card Dispenser

Thermal Receipt Printer


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Kiosk Key Benefits


Increased sales network coverage

24/7 Self-service operational capability

No more waiting in queues

Reduction in sta operational cost

Instant card dispensing within 2 minutes

hardware modular customization

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