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Intelligently Transforming Banking

BankEze by MorEze comes with a range of self-service banking kiosks which can transform traditional banks by giving customer's the choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions through a highly convenient channel.

With the flexibility to add multiple modules and still have get a compact BankEze kiosk, banks can now provide users with numerous benefits whcih include but not limited to instantaneously open a new bank account, access existing accounts, place loan requests, deposit cheques, update passbooks and many more.

BankEze improves the user experience by offering a quick, easy-to use and automated interactive self-service solution.

It eliminates the need for traditional bank counters and tellers with multiple language options as per the customer's choice ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty and allowing banks to cut operational costs while generating additional revenue opportunities.


Components Included

The hardware components of the Kiosk are thoughtfully integrated to provide a seamless user experience.

Rugged Touch Screen monitor

Document Scanner

Single IRIS Scanner

Face Recognition Camera with Auto

Thermal Receipt Printer

Signature Pad

4-4-2 Fingerprint Scanner

Automatic Bank Card Dispenser

Bar Code scanner

Liveness Detection(Optional)

Banking Kiosk

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Banking Kiosk

Kiosk Key Benefits

Offers efficient banking services, allowing customers to perform transactions, check balances, and access information securely, reducing wait times.

Increased sales network coverage

24/7 Self-service operational capability

No more waiting in queues

Reduction in sta operational cost

Instant card dispensing within 2 minutes

hardware modular customization

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