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IoT has turned out to be one of the most prominent factors for success of the Retail sector. IoT in retail ranges from smart shelves to AR-enabled mirrors. Self-Check-out kiosks is another exciting offering from the IoT range which enables the customers to bill the purchases by themselves and make the payments for the same through digital as well as cash means without any human intervention.

This also enables the high-street retailers to reduce the long queues, eases the cash management and RFiD tag removals among others. Apart from billing the products purchased by the customer from the store, they can also access through the complete product range of the retailer in case of unavailability of the required choice in the store.

The purchase history of the customer allows the retailer to upsell various other products based on the advanced logical algorithms being used by billing software these days.



Facial recognition for demographic data

Self- Check-out for in-store purchases

Online ordering from Endless aisle

Digital payment as well as cash modules

Thermal receipt printe

Surveys, Suggestions, and Incognito reporting of complaints

Use Cases

Provide 24/7 customer Access

Reduce wait time of tedious tasks, like checking in and out

Ensure data security and privacy for the customer

Reduce Staffing Demands and increase staff attention to enhancing customer experience elsewhere

Provide more opportunities for upsell

Enforce Documentation Accuracy

Audit and Track User Activity

Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

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