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Success in the hospitality industry is only associated with complete customer satisfaction. Thus, the hospitality industry always have to be equipped with the latest technology to cater to the ever increasing needs of the customers. Self-service kiosks, thus, can be helpful in easing out some of the challenges of the hospitality industry. It provides complete freedom and flexibility to the customers.

Self-service Kiosks allow the customers to take control and make their own choices. With this, customer satisfaction is absolutely assured. When a customer has a problem that requires human resolution, staff can focus completely on the problem at hand because of the reduced pressure on their time.



Biometric based ID verification

Self-Check in and Check-out

Room key issuance

Signature pad for Digital Sign

Digital payments

Surveys, Suggestions, and Incognito reporting of complaints

Information Kiosk

ID card Scanner

Use Cases

Provide 24/7 customer Access

Ensure data security and privacy for the customer

Reduce wait time of tedious tasks, like checking in and out

Reduce Staffing Demands and increase staff attention to enhancing customer experience elsewhere

Provide more opportunities for upsell

Enforce Documentation Accuracy

Audit and Track User Activity

Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

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