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Information technology has become incredibly popular and important throughout the world, and governments are well aware of this trend, with the governments allocating funds to provide public internet and IT access, in a drive to promote digital inclusion. Self-service forms a natural part of this drive, providing faster, more efficient, more cost-effective and more satisfying services to the people in urban as well as semi-urban and rural areas.

With enhanced security features like IRIS scanners, fingerprint scanners, built-in cameras for face recognition, and signature pads, Self-service interactive kiosks allow governments to ensure a higher level of security than ever possible. The vastly improved technology and an expanded range of capabilities of self-service kiosks have made them vital in serving the tech-based offerings of the government agencies.

Smart cities continue to emerge across the country and the world. Digital Self-Service Kiosks play an important role in developing these smart cities with multiple applications such as Information and Wayfinding kiosks, Parking and Vehicle management kiosks and Bill payment kiosks with eGovernance services.

Self-service technology can provide a range of valuable services to users, at any time, in any place, and without investment in extra salaries or employee costs. Kiosks can help to reach people in remote areas, and make information available 24 hours a day, at little to no extra cost.

Moreze’s kiosks can be easily deployed at various govt. offices, police stations, post offices or other such public places to provide and easy and quick access to the citizens without having to wait for an officer. For this, the user may not need anything other than an official ID card.



Document scanning and printing for easy document management at Govt. offices

Multiple bill payment facility through digital platforms for taxes, fines, utility bills, etc

Civic services like online registration of births, requests for birth certificates, printing, etc

Declaration for lost/stolen ID cards and request for duplicate

Wayfinding and Building directory

Forms submission and ID verification

Secure Video conferencing

Multiple Language facility

Use Cases

Reduce user wait time

Frees up manual staff involvement thereby reduces chances of human error

Promote education and public awareness

Valuable citizen Data management

Improves customer experience

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