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Kiosk machines bringing interactive experience

A lot of technologies are devised to ease the process of a user but Kiosk self-service machines render better customer experience as the system is easy to use, fast and seamless. With the application of innovative self-service technology, prolonged customer/passenger queues can be reduced at various places like Airports, malls, restaurants, theatres, railway stations and hospitals during the ticketing or dispensing process.

Kiosk machines are profoundly valuable for workplaces as companies require a smooth HR operation that can help the employees in getting the human resources process smoother and faster. Consequently, countless tasks are performed by Kiosk self-service machine at anytime. The system provides boundless solution as implementation of kiosk is not restricted to a particular sector or industry.

Bill Pay Kiosks

Interactive kiosks offer an electronic payment system for paying bills. Bill Pay Kiosk provides a convenient, streamlined payment process. QR code scanners and credit card readers can be appended to assist the payment process.

Bill and Tax Payments

Tickets and Fines

Permit Applications

Licensing and Registrations

Form Access, Printing, and Scanning

Lobby Kiosks

A kiosk works as your digital doorman and virtual concierge, providing information and 24 hours self-service access to visitors.

Building Directories

Company Overview Display

ID Badge Scanning

Promotions and Events

Products and Services Showcase

Information Access

Comprehensive sets of product brochures can be managed and accessed without the need for cumbersome physical paper products.

Complicated Information Display

Rich Media Showcase

Complement for Physical Products or Exhibits

Digital Out of Home Advertising

Queuing Management

No one wants to wait in line for service, and with self-service kiosks, no one has to. Tickets can be dispensed with the tap of a touchscreen

Customer Service

DMV Licensing and Registration

Attractions and Events

Hospitals, Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers

College Administration Offices

Interactive Marketing

Provide an effective delivery mechanism to build brand awareness and engage with customers. Applications range from interactive digital signage to customer experiences designed to generate interest at events.

Trade Show Booths

Interactive Experiences

Attractions and Events

Corporate Lobbies

Visual Storytelling

Self Check-In

Reduce or eliminate time spent waiting in line by providing customers with a way to access services themselves.

Airports and Travel




Government and Healthcare Offices

Ticketing Kiosks

Providing visitors and customers with access to self-service ticketing kiosks. Interactive kiosks provide a great ticket dispensing solution for events and admissions

Movie Theaters

Concert Venues

Ski Resorts

Sporting Events

Tourist Attractions


Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital kiosks are the perfect way to provide engaging and intuitive directions. Interactive maps can provide visitors with step-by-step directions to their destination.

Building and Office Park Directories

Cemeteries and Memorials

Attractions and Events

College Campuses

Public Parks

Visitor Management

Digitise the reception with kiosk based check-In process & manage entire visitor journey.visitor registration and identification can be completed within just a few minutes by using kiosk.

Virtual receptionist for the visitors with self-service facility

Credential verification of the visitors

Instant host notification and confirmation

Biometric based identity verification

Immediate access card printer

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