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Employee Self-service (ESS) may be invaluable to any company with an outsized number of staff and/or a size-ably large intranet. In some countries, it’s even required by law that intranet and internet is accessible to any or all employees of an organization, which in non-office situations (for instance, on the manufacturing floor, at a warehouse) is a challenge to supply. Moreze’s Kiosks are the perfect solution to the prevailing problem, providing an easy and quick access to staff intranets throughout the corporate premises, wherever employees are based.

Organizations across industries are implementing human resource (HR) kiosk solutions to provide a service centre for their deskless workforces who either don’t have HR personnel on-site, or have to reduce the growing burden of HR paperwork.

Moreze’s kiosks allow HR professionals to concentrate on executing strategic HR initiatives and cultivating company culture. As organizations transition to Digital HR, ESS becomes a critical tool which brings it all together, empowering the staff and aiding in retention.

HR kiosks provide deskless employees with 24*7 access to a service portal for all of your digital HR resources. Service functions like accessing their personal information or participating in enrolment can all be accomplished through the kiosk.

Common functions

  • Biometric enrolment for new employees
  • Personalised ID card printing
  • Biometric based secured access
  • Form Submission and Authorization
  • Time Clock and Payroll Information
  • Vacation and PL Requests
  • Benefit Enrolment and Changes
  • Printing and Scanning
  • HR Appointment Scheduling
  • Events and Company Notices
  • Document Access
  • Employee Orientation and Training
  • Surveys, Suggestions, and Incognito reporting of complaints

Common use cases

  • Provide 24/7 Employee Access
  • Reduce HR Staffing Demands
  • Promote Company Announcements
  • Reduce Printing and Mailing Expenses
  • Encourage Eco-Friendly Alternative to Paperwork
  • Enforce Documentation Accuracy
  • Audit and Track User Activity
  • Increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction