Breathalyzer Kiosks

Our Kiosk

Driving cars, locomotives, airplanes or operating any heavy machineries under the influence of alcohol is always dangerous and considered illegal by the Govt. due to the same inherent risk involved. Apart from the same, Law enforcement for convicts on parole also requires regular tests of the blood alcohol levels for the safety and security of the society.

Automated Breathalyzer kiosks with Biometrics can play a very pivotal role in ensuring these safety and security measures in public places as well as commercial establishments. Such kiosks can be installed at railway stations, airports, ports and cab service providers premises for the regular tests of the drivers, pubs and other alcohol serving places for patrons to check the alcohol levels in their body to check the capability of driving themselves home and at police stations or correction officers premises for regular check-ups of convicts out on parole.

Common functions

  • Interactive Touch screen with customisable UI
  • QR/Barcode based access for the visitor
  • Govt. certified Breathalyzer with various detection levels
  • Optional Govt. certified Biometric capturing devices
  • Photo Capture of patrons
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Generates Visitor data reports

Common use cases

  • Monitor the drivers
  • Frees up manual staff involvement
  • Organizational and regulatory compliance
  • Generates revenue through sponsorships with cab companies
  • Libraries and Public Spaces
  • Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices
  • Transportation Services